Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trying times

Seven days make one WEAK. At least the last seven did. Things were pretty much awful at work. Someone said that it's the general state of the world. People are scared about the economy and they're acting out in weird ways. Maybe that's it.

I also found out why we hadn't received our refunds. The tax preparer didn't put the initial "0" in our account number, so Bank of America kicked the money back. The State of California (unbelievably) issued us a paper check, which came on Friday. But the IRS was apparently waiting for us to call them and politely ask for the money. Once we did that, it was too late to get in this week's check run, so they'll mail our money on April 24 - conveniently the first day of my 10-day out of state trip for work.

I was going to go into the office today, but the Husband got a call about picking up an extra shift at one of HIS jobs. So I'm stuck at home without a car, which gives me time to play on the web, clean the house, and start packing for Friday's trip. Oh, and make arrangements to send condolences for the two more elderly family members who passed this week.

I'm ready for a break!


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