Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, that was fun

So, our friends came up. The best part, sick as it sounds, is that they didn't get here until 1:00 Saturday afternoon and left at 9:00 this morning. (Hey, I HAD to get some work done this weekend!)

Anyway, it was all overcast on Saturday but we went down the coast and it was just beautiful. We spent a couple hours just beachcombing--looking at random rocks and shells. I took so many pictures!

Then Saturday night we went to the new gay club here in town. We missed both the big Grand Opening and their soft opening, so we had no idea what to expect. It was fun. Ran into several people we know, but it neither too crowded nor too dead and the music was neither too loud nor too low. Left just after midnight.

Then yesterday after church we headed out of town in the opposite direction--to the redwoods. Again, nice relaxing afternoon. Last night they watched a movie with Stan and I attempted to get some work done--but the computer ate the file right off of my flash drive; never had that happen before.

This morning Stan cooked breakfast and then they left and I went to the office. Got my big report done (well, not 100% complete, but let's call it a 95% submittal). Very happy. Not too stressed out about taking time off over the weekend. This was good.


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