Saturday, May 17, 2008

I feel obligated to say something

As half of a long-term homo couple in the Golden State, I guess I'm obliged to blog about the CA Supreme Court's recent ruling on gay marriage. I'm happy, of course, but in a way I'm almost pissed off that it's such a big deal. IMHO, this should have been a complete no-brainer decision, the vote shouldn't have been close, the ruling should have occurred 20 years ago, and we shouldn't have to contend with a frickin' vote to amend the state constitution to undo the ruling. Still, it is nice to see some forward progress after all the meetings and marches.

Anyway, here are answers to all your questions about the ruling: FAQ

All your questions except one, that is. And the answer to that one is: "Yes, we plan to go get the piece of paper from the County Clerk. We are still trying to decide when. It would sure be nice not to have ANOTHER anniversary to remember."


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