Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It ain't easy bein' cheesy

Okay, first an observation: Today, for Earth Day, I threw away more garbage in my office wastebasket than I have in months. (Normally I have a single toothpick or a single tissue, maybe for a two-day period. Today I had paper cups and a banana skin and a whole bunch of stuff. Just ironic that it's Earth Day.)

Anyway, on to the "subject" of this post. The dollar store here in town (not the chain one, the local one--yes, we are so cheap we even go to off-brand dollar stores) has this AMAZING cheese-flavored popcorn. The Husband has taken to buying it five bags at a time. (And these are not single-serving bags, mind you.) It is our guilty pleasure. We are addicted to the stuff. I'm sure it's one of the top ten unhealthy things that's still legal to sell as "food." Our Tuesday ritual has been to eat this cheese corn and watch American Idol. Last week, tragically, the dollar store was OUT of our beloved cheese corn, so we had to watch the Mariah Carey tribute popcorn-free. This week we stocked up. I cannot wait. I brought work home tonight. All the pages are going to have these bright orange fingerprints on them when I get back to work in the morning.

Sure, the future leader of the free world may be being decided in Pennsylvania right now, but for me it's all about the cheese corn. More people vote for AI than for President anyway.


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