Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marriage Equality Walk

The Marriage Equality USA walk across the Golden Gate Bridge was great. It was the most incredible day (weather-wise) I think I have ever seen in San Francisco. Imagine this: a light breeze, but no stiff wind, on the Golden Gate Bridge under CLEAR blue skies! Quite a contrast, apparently, to the experience at the companion walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The walk itself turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought. We didn't just walk "across" the bridge. We hiked up the cliff from Crissy Field to the bridge, then across the bridge and BACK, and then back down the cliff to the finish line. Stan was a real trooper. He made it across the bridge and back without his knee giving out (although he did avail himself of the shuttle service on the way up the cliff and I had to go get the car to get him back down the hill). I am very proud of him.

The walk received good media coverage in the Bay Area: "KCBS all-news radio ran the bridge walk in their newscasts all through Saturday afternoon and evening. Ch. 4 KRON featured the bridge walk as their 2nd news story on their evening news... Ch. 7 KGO (ABC affiliate) ran the bridge walk story on their evening and late night newscasts... Ch. 2 KTVU (FOX affiliate) ran the bridge walk in their 10pm newscast." Here's the link from Channel 11. It was apparently also picked up by CNN, and we raised nearly $12,000!

Here are some of our photos:

Setting up at Crissy Field (note the Bridge in the background) .

The South Tower.

Stan half-way across.

Walkers approaching the North Tower.

Thanks to everyone who sent money (we raised our goal amount from $250 to $400, and we hit it!) and moral support.


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